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Filters for water: you need to know when buying

Scale in the kettle recalled that water is not only H2O. Salts, bacteria, dirt - all of this is contained in the water. Anyway, you take it from the tap or in a pump room next to the house. Problem solved with Filters for water.

How to choose a water filter?

Let us see what they are. There are these types:

  • filter jugs;

tips on tap;

  • flow filters;
  • filter bottles.

By the method of purification are divided into:

  • mechanical;
  • ion exchange;
  • reverse osmosis.

Filter selection for water due to three criteria:

    • the quality of water from the tap. The problems with the water by the following characteristics:
      • metallic taste - as part of the water has an iron compound;
      • scale in the kettle - a lot of salt;
      • foam for washing aluminum dishes: a high concentration of alkali;
      • stains after washing silverware: hydrogen sulfide in the water there;
      • smells: the presence of organic compounds;
      • brown sediment pollution by oxides of iron.
    • the volume of water consumed. On average, a family of 4 people consumes 10-12 liters of drinking water per day;
    • placement.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types.

Filter jug

Structure: jug shaped container of the cleaning cartridge in the upper portion. The water passes through the cartridge and into the container.


      • quality cleaning: cleaning element delays the mud and sand. Worse copes with purification of chemical compounds, chlorine and heavy metals;
      • Performance: 1 liter for 5-7 minutes. Carbon cartridges often change as they become clogged. One cartridge is designed for ~ 250-300 liters;
      • Accommodation: small size jar, put in any convenient location.

Cartridge filter jug ​​should be constantly in the water. The quality of cleaning sharply reduced if to keep him dry for several days.


      • It clears from mechanical impurities and reduces the amount of chlorine;
      • compact, easy to handle;
      • low price.


      • the average quality of cleaning;
      • cartridge yield is limited (250-300 liters).


      • buy jug filters, if the water quality is relatively good.
      • Suitable family of 2-3 people.

flow-through filters

These units are built into the water supply. The water accumulates in the tank. Multi-stage filtration eliminates dirt and harmful substances.

Expensive models have a reverse osmosis system and a mineralizer. Osmosis cleanses water, including bacteria. Since osmosis makes the water almost distilled, then use the mineralizer. It enriches its useful micronutrients. Water is supplied to a separate tap. There is a possibility of the two streams. Fully treated water is used for cooking. Water flowing mineralizer, suitable for drinking. In devices such as high quality of cleaning, and performance.

To improve water quality recommend infrared cartridge. Water flowing through it, has beneficial effects on the body. These cartridges are installed instead of the mineralizer, or together with it.

The characteristics of this type:

      • cleaning quality: high;
      • performance: 1.5-2.5 liters per minute;
      • Accommodation: there, where it is convenient to connect to the water supply. Often placed under the sink in the kitchen.


      • high degree of purification;
      • greater productivity.


      • difficulty in installation;
      • high price;
      • expensive consumables;
      • restriction on the installation site.


flow filters are selected, if significant water pollution and / or water consumption is great.

To clean a very dirty water put the main pre-filter. It purifies water from mechanical impurities, sand, clay particles. Install not only reverse osmosis system. It is recommended to put it in front of devices, which are sensitive to water quality. For example, washing machines, dishwashers. Buying a pre-filter will reduce costs for the repair of household appliances.

Attachment on the crane

The capacity of the cartridge is connected to the tap through the nozzle. After cleaning quality are close to pitchers type, but it is more convenient to use. Some models have a switch that lets the water in the filter bypass.


      • cleaning quality: average;
      • performance: 0.5-1.0 liters per minute;
      • Occupancy: Only on faucet.


      • compact;
      • easy to install and use;


      • the average quality of cleaning;
      • short life consumables.


Will serve as an alternative to pitcher. In this case more convenient to use. Suitable for small families.

Bottle filters

Water is poured into the bottle and is purified by passing through activated carbon filter in the lid. It is convenient for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Suitable and for those who want to save: replace ~ 400 plastic water bottles.


Buying filter you are saving your health, as well as save on buying drinking water and repair. Appliances and plumbing will be less likely to fail. Therefore, even the expensive installation pays off within a year.