How to clean water in a country house?

water in country house

Most people think that the water from the wells is very high quality and does not require additional treatment, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

After a comprehensive analysis of water in the laboratory, you will see that the vast majority of the water from both wells and wells with a high content of hazardous substances. Water from wells, can have an increased manganese content, unpleasant odor of hydrogen sulfide dissolved iron and a palette of biological compounds and particles. The process of treating water from wells or wells, usually carried out in several stages. Set a few pieces of equipment, each of which performs its function. Due to this, the output is absolutely pure and healthy water. To secure and confident with the use of water wells it is necessary to clear the first step of mechanical impurities, lighten, and then soften, reduce the content of dissolved salts, iron, chlorine, ammonia gas to a level rules physiological needs of the human body.

Selection of water treatment scheme is carried out on the basis of chemical analysis based on the average daily water consumption. Example water treatment schemes in a country house:

  • Aeration - reduction of dissolved gases, impurities and oxidation by atmospheric oxygen;
  • Disinfection and catalytic bleaching - hydrogen sulfide removal, iron, manganese, etc .;
  • Water softening - reduction of calcium and magnesium salts;
  • Microfiltration or ultrafiltration of the remaining contamination.

Being interested in questions of water purification for a country house, people are wondering what kind of water treatment method you choose, the reagent or non-reagent. Each of these methods has its advantages, but you need to choose the method that will eventually give the greatest effect in terms of removing impurities from the water.

1. The reagent water treatment

The essence of the method consists in purifying reagent dispensing substances into the water, which enter into a chemical, or physico-chemical interaction with impurities, whereby the products of this interaction are converted into an insoluble precipitate or foam. As the reagents used coagulants, flocculants, or inhibitors. Selection and combination of the reactants depends upon the nature of contaminants.

The disadvantages of the method of water purification reagent is seasonal volatility content of impurities in water and therefore have to constantly calculate and adjust the amount of reagent dosage. Also pay attention to such a scheme is inconvenient and hazardous chemicals, which also need to be stored in a special place. Therefore, reagent treatment, most likely, not only suitable for private homes.

2. Reagentless water treatment

A more modern, reliable and stable it is a non-chemical water treatment system. Such a system can saturate the water with oxygen by aeration (air volume passing through water), whereby the reaction with the iron enters manganese oxide, iron then precipitates, and the ball returns to manganese catalyst loading. As a result, we have purified water.

3. Water purification with ultraviolet light

A popular and effective method of water treatment is the use of ultraviolet light. Using ultraviolet luminescence carried water disinfection, pathogens are neutralized due to the effect of ultraviolet light on the enzymatic system of microorganisms harmful cells and their metabolism. UV water disinfection application does not require any reagents, besides it is worth noting that the UV does not affect the organoleptic quality of water.

High degree of environmental friendliness, low operating cost makes UV disinfection is very attractive water purification method. Such a system should include a purification scheme, it will work well as a post-treatment after filtration. Installation of the cleaning system includes a preliminary analysis of the water, the delivery of the selected equipment, installation of filtration systems and other after-treatment systems to the communications connection, and start-up. If it so happened that the price of equipment show you high, remember the fact that contaminated water can cause damage not only to equipment and communications, but also your health. In turn, the purified water is able to promote health, life and continue to fill you with natural energy. No need to save money on their health and the health of their loved ones.