household methods review

household water filer system

Water that enters the city apartments, passes multistage purification at water treatment plants, but to call this clean water is impossible, as it contains contaminants that are harmful to the human body.

The main contaminant substances in water supply systems are centralized pesticides, petroleum products, metal salts, chlorine, dispersed particles. Taking into account the results of the analysis of water, daily consumption, and prices are reasonable, you should choose a purification system that will work most effectively.

Filters for home have their own characteristics in contrast to the industrial and portable. Home cleaning methods are becoming more popular.

Let us consider in detail some embodiments of cleaning systems, which use makes sense in a city apartment.

1. Filter pitchers

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the filter jugs to be used for the final purification or water purification. The main filter material in such filters is activated carbon. The advantages include the simplicity of design and operation, small size, relative cheapness. And the major disadvantages include the low level of water purification from impurities, short lifespan of the filter material, slow filtration. Do not use filter jugs as a self-cleaning system, so the efficiency is very low.

2. Dispensers

Another example of a simple water treatment method is a dispenser. It has the same working principle of filter-pitcher. Unlike dispenser jug ​​from the filter is the cumulative volume of the vessel. There are dispensers that have heating and water cooling function is also equipped with an electronic display. Again it is worth noting that the vast majority of dispensers are not suitable for self-purification of water.

3. Multistage filters

We turn to the more serious and effective water treatment system for your apartment or private house. The filter system is a multi-stage cleaning is composed of several filtration cartridges are permanently connected to the water supply pipe. Installing such a system makes it possible to install a separate tap for fresh water, which will allow you to purify water for drinking, cooking, and the water that use, for example, to clean the cleaning is not necessary, so that multi-stage filters will last a long time.

Usually this purification system is installed under the sink, which makes it convenient and discreet. Multistage filters help to purify water from mechanical impurities, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum products.

The structure of such a filter includes reverse osmosis filter as one of the sections. Reverse osmosis water making the most delicate treatment.

When you select a filter system for an apartment or private house you need to determine what kind of water at the outlet you want to get: purified from mechanical impurities, then the water will not adversely affect the appliances, or you want an absolutely clean drinking water. Even baby can drink this water .

4. Activated carbon filters

The principle of operation is based on the carbon filter adsorption (sticking to the inner and outer surface of the filter material) contamination. Such filters can purify water of chlorine and organic compounds that give water an unpleasant taste and smell. As the basic material in such filters, activated carbon, which has an excellent adsorption capacity due to the large internal surface of the pores. The activated carbon filter is made from coconut shell walnuts, the advantage of such coal is the mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, whereby one filter can work more than a year. The disadvantages of such filters include their large size, the height can be up to 1 meter and 35 centimeters in width.

5. Mechanical filters

As a mechanical filter mesh used with different sizes of holes. Mechanical cleaning of filters, typically mounted in the pipeline. These filters remove suspended particles, and prevent them from falling into meters, valves, taps and appliances. A good option mechanical treatment systems are magneto-mechanical filters, such filters in the housing is mounted a magnet, whereby metallic impurities are retained.