Guide how to get clear water and select filter systems

In this article I plan to reveal to you some details on the choice of the filter for the water that you need almost as much as the air (otherwise you would not be reading this page).

Based on more than 9 years of practical work in the field of water treatment, I was a "concentrate" of knowledge, practical skills and recommendations shared with you. And I try to make it as simple and accessible way.

  1. Absolutely pure water in nature does not happen (such are the laws of physics and chemistry on our young and long-suffering planet) :). It happens sometimes only water is more or less suitable for consumption and not for all purposes.
  2. Any action on the selection and purchase of water filters begin with proper preparation of technical specifications. This task includes information on several parameters:
  3. The chemical analysis of water. The more he (the more components contained in the water has been tested), the more reason to believe that the specialist will be able to choose the right water filter system, which is needed in your case.
  4. The amount of water consumed in the house or apartment per time unit (m3 / h m3 / day). The data for the private house or apartment (production is not considered) can be calculated based on the number of delivery points (taps, sinks, whirlpool washing machines, etc.) available in the house. As water consumption depends on the number of permanent residents in the house of people.

    For example, in the house has 2 bathrooms and a kitchen, for 2 adults and 2 children. In this case, we believe that in such raw data can be simultaneously opened 3 1 crane and works washing or 1 dishwasher. Depending on the characteristics of the pump station in the borehole (or pressure in the urban network for apartments) design mixers and cranes diameter inlet pipe 1 may issue a crane 400 to 600 l / h. On average, the rate of 1 point (tap) is assumed equal to 500 l / h. Total peak demand for homes with 2 bathrooms and a kitchen, with a population of 4 people is about 4 * 500 = 2000 l / h (2 m3 / h).

  5. to the quality of the purified water requirements. Usually, the quality benchmark for the water consumed in the home, are the rules of special documentation, which is called GOST "Drinking water" of 1982 or later document GSANPiN № 2.2.4-171-10 «Water priznachena for spozhivannya Lyudin". But sometimes there are industry-specific requirements or special customer wishes such as "water to be in Paris," or other significant conditions.
  6. Selection of water treatment technology defined in paragraphs 3 and 4 (see. Just above). Typically, this has been a specialist company, which professionally engaged in water treatment, the development and implementation of water purification systems, rather than just selling filters. Sellers always techies turn to for help or advice if the water analysis is not quite typical due to the analysis of source water. The proper choice of technology curled efficacy duration proper operation of water purification systems, as well as the cost of a cubic meter of purified water obtained during cleaning. It must be said that it is absolutely universal filter "for any water 'does not exist. As a rule, the desired result of water purification is achieved by selecting the correct combination of several filters, which are installed in the correct sequence, and which complement each other. Any complex cleaning system that can remove several contaminating water components on a filter (e.g., Ecomix removes iron, manganese, hardness, ammonia reduces oxidation), but this method requires a preliminary removal of coarse insolubles and, unfortunately, does not allow to remove hydrogen sulfide from the water, nitrate, lower dry residue.

    For example, experts have identified a water purification technology and do you think it is also suitable.

  7. The next step is selection of unit size. It depends on the volume of water consumption data (see. The above paragraph 2b). The dimensions and the number of special filter material in it is directly dependent on the peak flow of water, and daily consumption. With increasing the draw-off points in the house increases in proportion to the size of the filter and hence its cost. Therefore, at this stage should be guided by the principle of "necessary and sufficient" if you want to invest rationally. Of course, you can install a purification system with a little margin, based on the completion of the children of the family, or if you often have guests and parties.
  8. The choice of location for the installation of filters. Typically, this input point of water in the house. This may be a boiler room, bathroom or any other place that is convenient for you. The main thing - to place of installation in line with the following conditions: there was an entrance-exit water has the ability to discharge water into the sewer and socket 220 in the vicinity. It is also very important that the filter is "fit" in size in the space allotted for it. Sometimes it is a condition (limited space for installation) greatly influences the choice of filter size (downward). Then it is necessary to consider any alternative version of the installation location or use water sparingly enough bandwidth to a smaller size filter, than the required data for the design of your home water consumption.
  9. After all the previous points it is recommended to conclude a contract for the supply and installation of filtration equipment for water. Even if you are familiar with the company's owner, carries out the selection, delivery and installation of filters, the contract insures you against the emergence of any misunderstandings with the supplier or the interpretation of verbal agreements are not in your favor. The contract must be clearly stated the amount of money to which he is, and a list of equipment (specification), the list of works, terms of performance of obligations by both parties as well as the guarantees provided by the customer.
  10. It is possible immediately after the installation and commissioning of a contract for maintenance of your filters for water (or a water treatment system). Everyone calls as he pleases .. Is it possible to engage in self service, but very gently and carefully examine it before a passport for the installation. If you "do not want to dirty their hands", strongly engaged in the business (at work), or you are a fragile woman, it is wise to immediately enter into a contract for service Filter service. It is important to understand that the water purification system, like any working mechanism, needs supplies, and periodic preventive maintenance. Without proper and timely maintenance even German cars break down over time.