Calculators of cost, quality and quantity of water

Water treatment case often have questions such as:

  • How many water treatment equipment costs?
  • What volume of purified water is necessary for you?
  • What current expenses you will incur in the operation of water purification plants?
  • How often you need to change filters and cartriges in your case?

The answers to these questions depend on your particular case. Calculate, having considered all the pros and cons you will be able to choose the best solution for themselves. For example, if you do not take into account the parameters of your water and choosing expensive replaceable cartridges, you are risking to incur substantial maintenance of their equipment costs. Proper decision should be taken only after the calculations and comparisons of different options.

If you do not change the consumable parts and mineralizing filters, you can get the extra costs of the water - will grow no reset of purified water into the sewer. This example relates to reverse osmosis systems, many do not consider it. Savings on changing the filter will result in expenditure on account of tap water. No savings in this example . You have to calculate a volume of water you need, how to install equpment with resource that you can afford and will meet your requirements.

Perhaps if you have previously purified tap water, you can avoid unnecessary expenditure on expensive filters and equipment pre-treatment. For example, for typical filters in the apartments do not need a section for primary mechanical cleaning. But this is not a rule, there are many cases when the refusal of the coarse section will cause a decrease in the following sections of the resource - and consequently an increase in current expenditure. In a situation where you can not can guarantee the quality of tap water, or you water out of the well, the acquisition of this section will increase initial costs, but will reduce the total cost of water treatment.

In cases where a large amount of planned consumption of clean water is necessary to compare the cost of more productive equipment and the ongoing costs of replacement cartridges for small home systems. Perhaps the best would be to select a larger setting. water consumption depends on both the number of residents in the house, and on the climate, season, and other parameters. If you plan to visit the country house just a few days a month for weekends, as a result of calculations will be clear that the total amount of purified water is not great, and it makes no sense to spend money on the installation of a large, and possibly bottled water would be the best option at all. In some cases it is reasonable to restrict only the preliminary purifications of water for technological needs - such as cleaning, shower.

In any case, before you begin the installation or the purification method selection, you must clearly understand what exactly you need. We will help you calculate the required parameters, and your spending is not only for equipment, but also for the current operation.

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