With one of the largest catchments in Southern England (over 930 square miles in area), the River Medway combined with a network of reservoirs acts as a significant water resource for the south east.

As part of Southern Water’s River Medway Scheme (RMS), Meteor Communications are providing Atkins with high resolution, real time water quality data; not only is this required for license purposes but it is also used directly by Atkins Southern Water and the Environment Agency to make evidence based decisions with regards to operation of the RMS and abstraction from the Medway.

The network is comprised of seven monitoring sites placed at strategic locations on the Medway, River Teise and Lesser Teise. These return data for a wide range of determinants including: conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH ammonium, chlorophyll and turbidity.

All equipment, technical support and data hosting is provided by Meteor Communications as an integrated lease package. This provides the client with a one stop shop for reliable high quality evidence provision with fixed costs for the lifetime of the project.

Service Features:
• Site survey with Atkins and stakeholders to agree monitoring locations and discuss the monitoring programme
• Assembly and test of monitoring systems prior to deployment
• Installation of the monitoring system
• Real time water quality data provision to secure web portal
• Ultra high resolution data (15 minute resolution)
• Online data analysis with daily quality assurance checks

This project is underpinned by the use of Meteor’s modular ESNET system. The units are fully portable, rugged and pre-configured. ESNET additionally enables the user to integrate a wide range of sensors and monitoring support infrastructure, such as event driven auto-samplers, flow meters and rain gauges, which are also being provided to Atkins on other projects.