water hose

When the flexible hose mixer is used a long time, it can begin to pass through itself water in one or more places. The problem lies in the fact that the interior of the hose, which consists of a rubber tube, spoiled and torn. Therefore it is necessary to know how to change the hose to the mixer, as well as how to choose the right.

Replacement hoses to the mixer

Connecting the hoses to the mixer is often a problem. It often happens that in the mixer hoses deteriorate, which suited him water. This may occur in a kitchen blender, and in that installed in a bathroom. How to unscrew the hose, consider the following.

The first is to prepare specific tools and accessories:

  • spanners;
  • seals;
  • hoses.

Be sure that the mixer, where the need to change the hoses, in a normal state. If this product silumin is possible that the mixer housing is cracked, it flows and so on. Therefore it is necessary before replacing hoses to buy a new faucet and install it.

Looking for a specific length of the hoses.

Buying hoses, it is necessary to pay attention to their length. For example, the hoses that come with the new mixer, can be short -. Only 30 cm why they have to be replaced by longer. When purchasing hoses also definitely need to pay attention to their quality - inexpensive products in a conventional metal sheath does not last a long time, so that the repairs will have to spend again.

Note! To simplify the assembly process must be purchased with a hose fitting (or needle) of different length - then it will be convenient to operate the key. Otherwise, the key will be very difficult to turn because it will rest on the nut on the hose located near.

It is important to accurately select the type of connection on the thread for the water pipe. This includes the diameter and thread type included in each other (called the language of the plumbers "dad" and "mom"). According to the definition adopted to apply the hose "mum", the nut which is ½ inch size, to mount it directly to the water pipe.

Choosing flexible hoses, among other things, should pay attention to such characteristics of the threaded parts as its diameter and type. This sets the hose does not need to stretch, but he does not hang out. If there are pressure drops during the opening and closing of the valve, the hoses can vibrate, so that they quickly deteriorate and will proceed.

Corrugated hoses

A more long-lasting and well-known for their reliability considered corrugated hoses, which do not rust. Although the price is slightly higher, and the installation of more complex, they are due to its stiffness may take any form and save it after installation.

Choosing the necessary hoses, you can begin to change them. You must first remove the hose from the mixer, unscrewing the nut using a pipe wrench, which he is attached. Then in its place a new hose is screwed. It is important not to overdo it with thread, otherwise it could spoil.

To seal (sealing) of the threaded joint must be at hand, linen, hemp and a special sealing paste, that is guaranteed to eliminate the risk of leaks. Also, if the hose for installation or replacement for the time required to remove the countertop sink it is necessary to take care of silicon on which it must be put installing anew in the table opening.

Note! Rusty or become attached to the threaded connection may not immediately spin up, so it's better, instead of to make brute force, apply a special solvent for rust, which after use after 5 minutes the connection can be disassembled.

When hoses are installed, you need to apply for a water faucet and check both hoses if there were any leaks. If somewhere digs, check the seam - use a little more of tow or cut off the water, wipe dry with a metal seal and lightly lubricate with silicone.

How to choose a shower hose?

Typically hose gain in the construction market, or plumbing stores. What you should pay attention to? Primarily on the length of the shower hose. This point is very important because, if the hose is short, swim would be inconvenient, and excessive tension is harmful to most hose. But if it is too long - will be confused and sag, it will have to wind up in a small bay.

Standard sizes of 1.25-2 m shower hose. The optimum hose length is 1.6 m, a length of hose suited for the majority of cabs and for a similar length baths. Of course, this figure is not a template as baths used for short hose length to 1.25 m, and for longer bath may need hose about 2 m.

quality hose should be made of what material? It is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer. If you need a regular hose from the metal braiding in the corrugation, the suitable products produced at the enterprises of Russia, the Czech Republic or China. Inside these tubes laid rubber tube with walls of small thickness. To tap in the bathroom, this option is not bad, but there is a problem - if the corrugation begins to unwind, its sharp edges can damage the pipe so that it breaks.

Germany, known as a supplier of higher-quality goods, their hoses produces no ripple, and special silicone shell. Such products are used in the bathroom for longer, have greater strength and flexibility, so do not fear the kinks.

Note! We can not too much flex hose for a long time left in this position, because it is not designed for it.

Winding in German hose consists of several layers, so it is not particularly susceptible to fractures and bending (repeat). Additionally, German mixer pipes often decorated by a sheath made of metal or may be made of a resin without additives. Silicone hose is easy to wash off dirt, as its surface is smooth. The best thing in the bathroom will look opaque polymer hose because the hose with transparent walls over time inside a yellowish tint due to impurities in the water.

How to Repair the hose?

Before starting the repair or replacement of the hose should check the position of the water in the mixer - handle must shut off the flow of water to the hose. On the mixer has a union nut, it is located at the base of the hose - it must be unscrewed with a spanner. After that, the hose pipe is pulled out from the mixer. Using a screwdriver, you must hook the plastic nipple (sometimes it can be made of brass). For nipple visible ripple in the tube of rubber or flexible plastic.

He pulled the tube out of the corrugations, to check where the cracks or fractures. If they are on the edge, then you need to remove the nipple, cut the fuck up a piece of tube and attach the nipple again. When this tube is fixed to the nipple by pinching.

Note! Removing and installing the nipple should be careful not to damage it.

Such a repair there is a drawback - eventually pinched tube leads to the fact that it cracks near the nipple. Can it tie wire around the brass nipple, but then the tube material will dry out there. In the end, sooner or later, will have to install a new hose, so will not prevent them to stock up in advance.

When the hose is assembled, it is attached to the mixer in reverse - is applied to it and screwed the nut. Principle attachment to a hose watering the soul is similar to repair the tube. After repairs necessary to keep the water in the shower hose and check whether there is a leak somewhere.