home water filtration system

Drinking untreated water puts you at risk of getting waterborne diseases. This is despite the fact that the water is treated by the municipal before it’s supplied to different homes. As the water leaves the municipal treatment plant, it gets polluted by chemicals that originate from farms and other industries.

It’s therefore recommended that you get a filter to make sure you don’t drink contaminated water. Buying an efficient filter is in itself a daunting task for first time shoppers. This is because they don’t know what to look for in a filter. Below are tips that can help you make an informed decision when looking for a home water filtration system.

Test the Water

Before you acquire a water filter, you should take a sample for testing to your local laboratory. This will help in confirming the contaminants that are in your water. Once you know the pollutants that are in the water, you will be able to decide the kind of filter that is ideal for the kind of contaminants that were found in the test results. There are actually some pollutants that can be remedied using carbon filters while the tough ones can only be purified using a reverse osmosis filter. You can also buy a gadget that can be used to measure the purity of water at home. The advantage of such a gadget is that it can alert you when the water has been contaminated.

Rate of Purification

You should never buy a filter before checking its rate of purification. This is usually expressed in gallons per day. If you need a lot of water for washing clothes, bathing, cooking and watering your plants, it’s important you select a filter that treats many gallons of water per day. If you settle for a treatment system that can only handle a few gallons on any given day, you will not have water for all your needs.

Aim for Improved Taste

A filter that only removes the pollutants can’t be trusted with your health. It’s important you look for a filtration system that is capable of removing disgusting smell that is found in untreated water. When the bad smell is neutralized, you can enjoy drinking several glasses to quench your thirst because it tastes crispy.


Price is a major factor when shopping for a filtration system. You should actually buy a filter system that matches with your budget. This is because you will still need to pay your monthly water bill. The advantage of buying a premium filter such as APEC roes is that it’s more efficient in eradicating impurities due to the fact that it uses reverse osmosis to cleanse water. Although pitchers and faucets cost less money, they are still expensive because you have to change the filter more often.


A system that requires minimal maintenance is highly recommended because it’s less demanding in terms of repairs. Advanced filters are difficult to install and you might have to hire a plumber. Pitchers and faucets are easy to install because they don’t have many features. There are some models of filters that come with an in-built indicator that alerts you when the carbon filter is worn out.