water pump

What can you check when your water pump dont work

If the pump is not working, first check - there is power in the mains. If voltage is present, then your next action should be to check the reliability of the electrical connections. If the pump station is connected for the first time - it is necessary to check the connection. If these steps were not successful, one of the possible causes may be blocked impeller. be sure to disconnect power supply before inspecting the pump station. Then try to crank the motor shaft. If the impeller is blocked, you yourself can accurately resolve the issue of the pumping station. Sometimes, the pump may not operate in case of failure of the starting capacitor. This fault is corrected by changing the starting capacitor.

Consider the problem when running the pump does not pump water. This can be in such sluchayax:

  1. The pump does not pump water, because in the suction line and the case is air. To eliminate damage that has arisen because of that, you first need to check the tightness of the suction pump, and then, after the pump off, unscrew the filler plug from the plug to the existing left there the air. Then it is necessary to top up the water and run the pump.
  2. The same error may also occur because if the water level in the source water intake is too low, and sometimes not properly installed suction pipe. To troubleshoot the problems on the above reasons, it is necessary to check the water level in the source water intake, as well as check - whether you have completed installation of the suction piping installation diagram given by the manufacturer in the technical documentation for the product.
  3. Very often the above problem arises when the suction pipe or the return valve clogged or defective. The same result is obtained, and clogging of the ejector or ejector nozzles. These problems are eliminated by cleaning the valve and the ejector from clogging items.

A frequent malfunction is to reduce the water supply pressure. This can occur in the same cases that are listed at the failure of the pumping station when the pump is not pumping water (described above). Remedy - the same. However, this failure may also occur for other reasons. This problem may be caused by improperly exposed pressure. The pressure can be adjusted by raising the level. The same problem occurs when the voltage drops in the power supply. This problem is solved by connecting the voltage regulator.

The pump can too often turned on and off. If this occurs due to damage of the membrane, the membrane must be replaced. The same problem can occur if gidroakkomulyatore low air pressure. Raise the pressure can, if pumped air into gidroakkomulyator. The required pressure level should be 1.5 atm.

Why pump do not turning off ?

If the pump is not switched off, check - whether the pressure switch is configured correctly. If set too high blood pressure - it is necessary to adjust the level. The pump may also be turned off because of low water levels, leading to the ingress of air into the suction pipe. In this case, the air must be removed (described above). Once the pump can not be turned off due to the fact that clogged pyatirnik this is due to the hardness of the water. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the pressure switch and clean the aisle. (See. Photo). There is another case where the pump can not be switched off: this may be due to the fact that there is a gap somewhere in the line between the valve and the pump station, in consequence of which there is a leak and the pump can not pump up the required pressure. To resolve isleduetsya pipeline dostante valve from the well and check the density of connections. Just cause of the problem may be quite banal - it neispranost the valve itself.

Occasionally, during operation, the engine stops. This is due to the engine overheating. In this case, disconnect the pump from the power supply, remove the cause of overheating.

To summarize, it must be said that the correct installation of pumping equipment, and adhere to and respect - is the key to a long life of your pump station.