how to install or repair shower head

Replace shower heads - a very easy task and most people will be able to do it yourself, without plumbing.

This requires simpler tools which are, or at least should be in every home. Replace the showerhead can be just a few minutes, of course, if everything goes without complications.

You will need:
  • pliers or an adjustable wrench
  • metal brush
  • Teflon preroll.

How to remove shower heads:

Remove the funnel Use pliers or a wrench. Hold the shower heads in his hand. Loosen the nut that connects the watering can with a hose. Do not use excessive force, the nut may crack! Then unscrew the nut with your fingers and remove the funnel.

Done! But this ideal picture. In reality, the nut may be stuck due to rust or limescale. This may indicate that your water contains large amounts of lime. If the nut is unscrewed, Special and must be applied to clean the threads. Clean the threads after unscrewing the shower head. Using a wire brush, clean the thread of mounting watering. It should not be left reeling old, rust, lime. This will safely install a new shower head and avoid problems in the future.

How to install a new shower heads :

Wrap several layers of teflon tape on thread. You can try to do without it, but it is better for avoid water leakage. Tape winding in the opposite direction from the thread - when tightening it will wrinkle less.

Screw the watering 1-2 turns by hand, then tighten with pliers or a wrench. It is better to do it through a cloth to avoid scratching the nut. New shower head set.

But do not say, "Done!".

First, turn on the shower and check for leaks at the junction. If leaking, it is necessary to add teflon tape on thread and turn it with some more power. Now it Done !