how to get clean water in forest

Many know that, while it is able to without food dispense a much longer time for a few days without water can exist humans. Without water, the man simply die, because it plays a huge role for the whole organism. Therefore, being in the woods, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, we should be able to find their way and get water.

So, how to find water in extreme conditions ?

First of all, it is necessary to find out whether there is a possibility to find a nearby natural spring water. Of great importance is played by the fact, in what wood you are. If it is deciduous forest, with grassy soil, it is well worth a listen, and most likely you will hear the sound of water, because in such forests are usually a lot of streams and keys.

But in dry coniferous forest, where the soil is sandy, the water is much more difficult to find. But do not despair, because you can find a way out of any situation. It is important to remember that water flows down, and therefore need to move downhill, using any slope. Water can accumulate in the hollows and depressions. In addition, you can carefully inspect the land and find traces of the recent rain and streams, in which water flowed. These tracks and withdraw to the source. Despite the fact that more than one hour may go on a quest, the result will still be.

Detect water may be at the foot of the slopes and hills. You may also want to pay attention to the behavior of birds and insects: they tend to accumulate far from water sources. If a natural source and could not be found, then you need to extract the water from the soil. Of course, the water does not have to be extracted from the ground in the literal sense. During the night she was going on the leaves of plants in the form of dew, and the day of its condensation, which is quite capable to help out in an emergency situation.

How to get water?

Water can try to get in any ravine using a pen or a hunting knife and a spatula that we used to take with us, going into the woods. It is necessary to dig a small hole, approximately two feet in depth and diameter. It will be collected moisture.

In addition, tourists usually carry a polyethylene, intended to cover in bad weather tent. In case of rain with the help of it you can collect the right amount of water, and it is perfect to collect dew drops. For this purpose, it is stretched on the poles so that one corner turned drain and polyethylene wrapped top edge and attached pegs or, if they are not, by conventional sticks. The lower the angle must be secured over the flask, can or bucket. Of course, if it starts to rain, the water will be sufficient, however, even in clear weather in the morning it will be possible to collect 150-200 grams of dew.

On a clear and sunny weather, you can get water and using a normal grass. To do this, fill it in a bag and tie a knot, and then put in the sun. After some time, due to sunlight, moisture will be in the package, which you can quench your thirst. If the grass is not present, a package can be tied on the leaves of a tree.

If there is no package can be assembled stones smooth circular shape of a pyramid and put in a small recess in the ground and put on the bottom of polyethylene. You can also use other material as long as it does not absorb moisture. For one night it gathers sufficient water to quench their thirst.

Get the water can be a simpler way. It is necessary to dig a small hole, put on the bottom of the grass and leaves from the trees and put any container such as a pan, then spread out over the pit polyethylene, the edges of which is necessary to fix the stones. Then, above the tank is necessary to put a small stone to form a funnel, and through which the tank will drain condensate which meet at the inner side of the polyethylene.

So, how to get water, we know. But that's not all. Now it needs to be properly cleaned, because otherwise it simply can not be used.

How to clean and disinfect the water?

The easiest way: if there is a match and the pot, you can make a fire and boil water.

If it is not possible to make a fire, water purification can use a normal potassium permanganate, which is in the medicine cabinet of any seasoned traveler.

Excellent cleans the water and iodine (which is sure to have everything in the same kit), even the most murky and dirty. Just three drops of iodine or potassium permanganate crystal on a pot of muddy water - and we get water, suitable even for drinking. By the way, I wrote an article - filtration, disinfection and storage of water, so that you are sure to read it, if you want to learn more ways of water disinfection.

And most importantly, what you should never forget, hitting the emergency situation - there is always a way out!