how to choose a water filter

Review of 5 different types and characteristics .

World Health Organization notes that the majority of human diseases are caused by the poor quality of drinking water. And even "respectable" looking liquid can hide in its composition a lot of harmful components.

Anyone who values ​​their health and the health of their loved ones, experts recommend to buy a water filter - how to choose them, we'll tell you right now.

  1. Classification of household filters
  2. Manufacturer Which to choose?
  3. Requirements for household water treatment system filters.

Classification of household filters

These units vary in performance and on the device. Therefore, to determine which one to choose a water filter, it is important to define clearly their needs and objectively align them with real opportunities.

Filter jug

​​is the most primitive device resource of filter cartridges is very small (typically up to three hundred liters). Their goal - to rid the water of chlorine and odors, and partly from stiffening. Filter jugs are mobile and compact; they can operate successfully both at home and on the road. With their clean water at your fingertips. The frequency of replacement cartridges - once a month. Maximum degree of cleaning - 20 microns.


  • no need to be connected to the water supply;
  • extremely easy to use, does not require human control.


  • the degree of cleaning is lower than that of the filters, "integrable" in the water;
  • small volumes of purified water.

The amount of purified liquid at one time can not exceed the volume of the jug - usually one to two liters. That is, if the cooking takes three liters of water, a pitcher somehow have to fill twice. And it's not always convenient. Filter pitchers - the most affordable water treatment device is a filter pitcher - the best option for those who has a fairly limited budget, or because small-sized kitchen can not allocate space under the sink for a stationary system.

Water purifiers-nozzle

It is compact device, dressing right on the faucet. The advantages of this low price and the ability to take on trips. Disadvantages - a small amount of sorbent and low productivity - up to half a liter per minute (if the advertising slogans of producers say that as soon as possible, do not believe). Here also required storage capacity of purified liquid.Filter nozzle has a compact size and reasonable price.

Flow-throught filters on the sink

water purifiers are not put on the crane itself, and have a number. To tap such facilities are secured by a flexible hose.

Their main advantage is the sufficient performance (higher than that of the nozzle on the faucet) - up to six liters per minute. Plus, in separate containers for purified water needs arise. However, this filter takes up precious space on the sink. However, if it is beautiful, because of deficiencies rank the item be deleted. And we should remember that it requires a connection and disconnection after filtration.

Flow-through filters under the sink

It is stationary filter under the sink that built into the water supply. Himself a unit under the sink, and on it a separate tap - exclusively for purified water. The frequency of cartridge change - once every six months. Maximum degree of cleaning - 0.05-1 microns.


  • a high degree of water purification;
  • sufficient performance;
  • a great resource;
  • the presence of a separate tap for purified liquid;
  • Ease of use;
  • always in the presence of the required amount of filtered water;
  • location under the sink - no cluttering your workspace.

The lack of one - the high price. Stationary filters chosen by those people who understand the value and importance of high-purity water and are ready to invest in their health.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems This is probably the best water filters today. They allow not only to remove excess water hardness, chlorine and an excess of iron, but also all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

A key component of such a filtering system is the reverse osmosis membrane. Her pores are significantly smaller than most known viruses sizes, therefore, your body will be protected most securely. Through reverse osmosis systems have the opportunity to receive at home the water, not inferior in quality bottled reverse osmosis systems Main advantages over other purifiers:

  • the highest degree of purification;
  • low cost of filtered water;
  • a constant supply of liquid (ten liters).

Components of such plants is as follows:

  • the system pre-treatment cartridges;
  • RO membrane;
  • special post-cleaning filter.

Reverse osmosis systems tops the list of filters for water purification - and this is not surprising; and their effectiveness is confirmed by numerous studies and experiences of ordinary users.

These units, if desired, can be complemented structurer and mineralizer - this will make the water-rich minerals that can improve digestion and circulation. Maximum degree of cleaning of such systems - 0.0001 microns.

The frequency of replacement reverse osmosis membrane - three times a year. The frequency of replacement of post-cleaning cartridges - once a year. Reverse osmosis systems are chosen by people who wish to constantly consume high-purity water, not overpaying for it at the same time (bottled product).

Which vendor to choose?

It is no secret that the production of filtration plants are engaged in both domestic and foreign companies. Some realize their potential in this area is not the first decade, while others only set foot on this path without making the main focus of its activities is on water treatment systems.

If you just can not decide which water filter is best - domestic or imported, we recommend that you give up the stereotypes that, "they say, everything foreign is better, better, more reliable," and select the product from an experienced company with a name and positive feedback.

There, among other things, enough on the market. It is enough to look into the rating of the filter for the water to clear - "our" company can do sturdy, durable units. Giving preference to domestic filters better for one simple reason - they are designed specifically for our waters, with its unique structure and the typical drawbacks. In addition, the broken or lost any part easier to buy it for "our" plants, while the imported parts or find very difficult or almost impossible.

Requirements for water treatment systems

As the water filter is constantly in contact with drinking water, it must be made of environmentally-friendly, safe materials that do not emit any chemicals, no characteristic odor. Just smell the plastic filter details, and you will see standing item to you or not. For optimum performance, the water treatment system all cartridges must be replaced in good time!

For stationary filter that connects to the water supply is very important strong, durable body materials. Modern high-quality water purifiers are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic - it is much better than usual.

Filter selection for water should be entirely based on the principles of common sense - do not naively assume that jug unit will serve you for ten years. But if you are single, accustomed to an active lifestyle is such (or attachment on the crane) will suit you best. For a large family also overestimate the convenience and value of a stationary device is practically impossible.