check water quality at home

Many known that water from a conventional tap is not suitable for drinking. Why? It usually contains a lot of different impurities, which on the human body are not the most favorable. Especially scrupulous in this matter fit people with young children and (or) leading a healthy lifestyle. So today many assists delivery of water to the house. However, despite the fact that its vendors assure customers clean and usefulness of the product, the quality of water would not hurt to check personally. This can be done relatively simply, even at home.

  1. Check the water to taste. Pour a small amount of water in a convenient container (cup, beaker, flask) and just try it on taste. In principle, this method is the easiest, but it is also the most dangerous, because it is not known what part of the test water. Thus, high-quality water should be slightly sweet and always pleasant to the taste. If the water is a little bit bitter, salty or sour appeared, it should not be eaten to a more thorough inspection and it is desirable to have in the laboratory. Of course, this method can not be 100% to determine the quality of water, so it is not always, but very often, is a useful sweetish water and salt - harmful. only approximate preliminary results can be obtained thanks to him.
  2. Check the water smell. A much safer method of testing water quality testing and analysis in favor of its smell - or rather, lack thereof. It is necessary to cast a little water into a suitable container. One of the important conditions is to achieve the greatest possible surface of the water surface, as in this case, evaporation of the liquid and its trapping particulate olfactory receptors located in the nose, is maximized. For this is well suited bowl or plate. Smell the water. If the smell seemed a little suspicious and unpleasant, most likely, this water is not so high quality.
  3. Verification of settling. Pour water into a medium-sized transparent jar or a flask and leave it for 2-3 days, so that she could stand. During this period do not add to any external impurities and shake the liquid. And now attention! If, after a settling period, the water in the tank appeared sediment or deposits, the water was covered with a film or changed color, it must not be eaten, because it is composed of substances that are often harmful to human health.
  4. Check the water glass. If you do not want to wait so long until the water settles, you can check for the presence of impurities in a different way. Drip or pour a small amount of water on the glass or mirror. Their surfaces should be smooth and even, with no visible defects and damage. For some time, until completely dry, leave the water in a calm state. Drinking water high quality after the complete evaporation does not leave behind any marks or traces of their stay on the surface.

Housewives use for water purification proven and reliable way, at least they think so. Some boil water for several minutes, corroding all of it unwanted connections. More water is poured into the bottles for 5-10 hours and it is frozen in freezing chambers. Some simply defends water in tanks up to 10 hours.  Scientists has  opinion in this regard. They argue that these methods are, at best, simply ineffective, consulting or acquire proven in laboratory conditions and recommended to use water specialists, or use special reliable wastewater treatment filters. And another tip, which agree and housewives and professionals: try to buy water only in glass bottles, plastic containers because a very negative impact on their quality and, consequently, the health of the person who uses this product.