used water filter

When using any cleaner water, we always have a question, and the need to frequently change the ink cartridges, or you can change 1 time a year since I almost do not use the water cleaner.

Let's analyze this for the example of a standard triple filter. Which cartridges installed in it?

The first stage of the process is often the mechanical cleaning of water from the undissolved particles, sand, clay or rust. It fails first, most of the water that is turned off (since a reintroduction of water into the filter gets more dirt than usual) but is mechanical cleaning cartridge is fairly inexpensive, and we recommend replacing once every two or three months. More rare replacement of the cartridge may harm the next steps after the cleaning, and water quality will decline.

The second stage of this goes either granular carbon or resin, or a complex treatment includes both materials. At this stage of the water is removed and chlorine or chlorine oranika, iron salts or stiffness. Then replace the regularity calculate much easier when we have a scale (hardness) or the color of the water changed (iron) or there was an unpleasant smell (chlorine) - this is a signal to the replacement of the cartridge! Because tangible value of such cartridges, we recommend them to change at intervals of three to six months, but not later. Since coal-fired cartridges have the opportunity to fouling bacterial film, decrease of sorption capacity of coal granulate or receipt of excess hardness salts or dissolved iron.

The third stage of the process in the majority of all known water filters is compacted coal. Made from the cartridge baked coconut shell has a fine filter "mesh" where those trapped contamination are not cleared by the first two cartridges. Regulations on the replacement of the cartridge - no later than six months, maximum of one year. The reasons are the same, there is the smell of chlorine, the water flow is reduced - a signal to the replacement!

In this article we will look at each separately and cleaner will tell at what resource and when to change the water filter. 2 Consider the type of cleaning water:

  • Filters for common home water.
  • Filters for water purification of drinking .

The household water purification filters, we consider the following cleaners:

  • main bulb;
  • anti-scale filter;
  • system on the house or apartment.

Consider all the main types of main flasks.

Self-cleaning water filter

This is often used filter mesh (filter element) with a filtration rating 100 microns, and in some producers meet grid 50 microns. In this filter to change the filter element is not necessary every month. You wait until you have a drop in the water pressure after filter - often from 1 to 3 months depending on the quality and quantity of water used. When the grid is clogged with self-cleaning process it goes like this - you come and open the valve, which is located at the bottom of the filter and a duct merges all the dirt from the filter element and thus is its self-cleaning. The service life of the filter element (grid) to 5 years.

Backbone Vial 10 '

Bulk filter 10 "in the main flask is often used as a filter element osnovnoy- polypropylene cartridge. His task, cleaning from mechanical impurities such as sand, rust, clay and other dirt. The cartridge has a filter of 50 .mu.m to 1 .mu.m. Therefore, depending on the filtration rating of the life of this cartridge from 1 month to 3 months. A sign that you need to change the cartridge-pressure reduction will be in the water. Also in a filter flask can be used from iron, softening, carbon, but they have a small resource and require minimal water flow at the inlet to 2 liters / minute. Mining Filter Big Blue 20 "Bulk filter Big Blue 20" This trunk flask was used mainly in the supply of water to the house, since the bulb has a large bandwidth.

Mainly used in a filter flask elemental polypropylene cartridge. It has a degree of filtering of 5 microns to 20 microns. The lifetime of the cartridge variable between 3 to 12 months of operation, depending on the quality of raw water and the amount of water, which passes through the filter. A sign that you need to replace the cartridge will reduce the pressure in the water after the bulb. You can also use return several of these bulbs in a row and installed in such cartridges as the coal as a filter element, deironing and softening cartridge. The service life of these cartridges from 3 to 6 months depending on the amount of resources and pollution.

Anti-scale filters

Such filters are called salt. And so its main purpose the protection of home appliances (heaters, boilers, stiralki) on education scale on the heating element.

when to change the filter element?

Regardless of the amount of water passed the filter element needs to be changed one time in 6 months. Since the first contact with water it starts to eventually lose their properties and in 6 months it becomes a little effective. Filters for water pitevoy Filter-jug Filter-jug Filter This is the most simple and compact means of purification of drinking water. Yields from 150 liters to 350 liters depending on the manufacturer and the quantity of the filter element. In fact the use of such a filter each day the frequency of replacement 1 time per month, but not later than 1 time in 3 months, as the main filter element is a carbon sorbent and after 3 months, regardless of the amount of water passed it loses its absorbing properties and may begin to give up what is delayed for the duration of operation. Therefore, if you do not measure the life of the cartridge during use, you wash your notice that the filter is clogged is water filtration rate, which passes through the cartridge.

The closer to the wear of the filter element the longer it will pass through a water and if you notice, he slowly began to pass through causing water is one of the indicators that the filter will soon need to be replaced. Flow system under the sink flow system Flow systems have basically 3 purity.

In the first flask is polypropylene (mechanical cleaning) cartridge - from sand, rust and other mechanical impurities. The frequency of replacement of the cartridge depends on the amount and the quality of water enters the filter element and from 2 to 3 months of operation.

In a second flask may cartridges are 3 types depending on the desired water treatment (coal, iron or removing Softening cartridge). The service life of these cartridges from 6 to 12 months with the exception of the carbon cartridge to 6 months.

Finish step in cleaning any flow system is cartridge with activated charcoal or coconut. The average lifespan him to 6 months, as after 6 months of operation in the coal cartridge can breed bacteria.

Reverse Osmosis System Reverse Osmosis System Reverse Osmosis System is in several versions: 5, 6, 7-step filter. The complexity of the design at first sight, and frightening when exactly everything you need to change confuses consumers and they prematurely change cartridges or even forget to change them.

The first degree in any osmosis cartridge is a mechanical cleaning of the polypropylene fiber. It retains dirt from the filter to a degree of 5 microns. The frequency of replacing one once every 2-3 months.

The second degree of purification is a carbon filter. It is mandatory filter element to the membrane - so it protects the membrane from receipt of chlorinated water or water enriched with iron. Cartridge replacement frequency of 1 every 6 months.

Finishing element before water purification membrane can be two versions of cartridges: mechanical or coal, depending on the source of water supply. If the water comes from the municipal water supply and it goes step of chlorination, the third element in the system should be a charcoal filter, if if the water comes from the well and has a high content iron- put this case polypropylene filter with a filtration rating of 1 micron.

The membrane is a key element of the reverse osmosis system because it filters off all impurities of 99.8%, which are applied to it. How often to change the membrane of reverse osmosis? This is probably the most common question on this subject, although many manufacturers claim, that the membrane lifetime 1-2 years. But it is a pure fallacy, since the membrane can not use the resource, and we will change it. How do I know that already need to change the membrane? There are precise indicators, which can be seen, the membrane used her life - a decrease in water filtration velocity and the last factor - when the membrane will fulfill all his resource - it will wash away all the water in the sewers, and the tank is not received no clean water drops.

The post filter (or carbon cartridge) - it stands as a post-treatment after the taste of the tank and the frequency of replacement of 1 every year.

Mineralizer - flavor of minerals, which is necessary to change 1 times per year.

We hope this information will be useful to you and you will be for the benefit of health and for your budget yet know when to change the filter for water.