water in winter

Winter dehydration of the human body

It's hard to ignore the fact that the winter cold days adversely affect the condition of the body. While this time of year brings with it the holidays and New Year's mood, it also brings an amazing side effect that can harm your health - dehydration. By reducing the temperature of the cold winds begin to blow, the air becomes dry and our bodies get less moisture than in the warmer months.

One of the main reasons for the reduced water level in the body is that we cease to drink plenty of water. We can easily consume large amounts of liquids on a hot summer day. Thirst is a natural side effect of heat effects on the body. Without habits, few of us can take a few hours under the scorching sun, do not quench thirst refreshing, cool water. When it comes to winter time, it is recommended to drink more hot drinks, the ones that you prefer yourself. It is very important for your health.

Winter can not present us with hot sunny days that trigger the desire to go to the beach or the pool. In the cold season, we create our own comfort, lifting with the help of heating (heaters), the temperature in their homes. In winter, we can not as much sweat as it happens in the summer, however, we continue to lose water through our breath - in the form of steam, which becomes clearly visible in the cold season. Since our body consists mainly of water, it is, regardless of the season requires good fill liquids. Thirst is a good sign of dehydration, but in fact, it is a late indication that the efficiency of the body is reduced. Other more obvious symptoms of dehydration, manifested in the winter, are chapped lips, flaky skin, dry cough, nosebleeds, mild headaches, skin problems (acne). And if you're someone who complains about the coming of winter because of these symptoms, then you also need to increase water consumption.

In the winter time the effects of dehydration are particularly strong influence on the body. Not only in the winter, we become more vulnerable to get a stroke, but also increases the likelihood of catching a cold or the flu. In addition, if not consume sufficient water in winter is much more difficult to control their weight. Since, at the time when we do not get the required amount of liquid, our body tries to fill the demand for water due to the splitting of fat. Because of this, we often confuse thirst with hunger, that is, the person has a desire to eat more than usual. Thus, appetite is easier to control when you drink more water. This is especially true during the holiday feasts, when there is a strong possibility to add extra weight.

Importance of drinking water in winter

Our body uses water for most, if not all, of its basic functions. We need to adjust the water body temperature, chemical reactions, detoxifying, assimilation of food, lubrication of our joints, eyes, mucous membranes and spinal cord, as well as healthy metabolism. If the amount of water in our body drops by only 2 per cent, the result can be disastrous. Dizziness, muscle cramps, fatigue, and problems focusing, everything is immediate causes lowering of the water level. It can be concluded that even a small shortage of water greatly affects the body.

How much water a person needs in the winter?

The amount of water needed, as well as other substances that are useful for health, may vary depending on gender and human activities. Nevertheless, there are common values, which you can stick to:

  • at normal load men need 8 to 10 glasses of water a day;
  • women usually should drink per day from 6 to 10 glasses of fluid;
  • If a man goes in for sports, the demand for water increases to 10 - 14 glasses a day;
  • if a woman goes in for sports, the number she needs to drink 8 - 12 glasses a day;
  • women, breast-feeding, should consume 7 to 10 glasses of water a day

When it comes to water consumption, it is best to build on these common rules, than their feelings. As with all things related to health, the prevention of dehydration and its adverse side effects is better than cure.

How can we provide enough liquids?

There are several steps you can take to increase the amount of water consumption in the cold months, without the need to drink cold water.

Having a home or office user-friendly coolers Vatten allow at any time to provide themselves with hot drinking water, brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee.

You can also vary the consumption of water, creating delicious drinks, juices, herbal and fruit teas. Simplifying this daily ritual of health care.

Catching sports drink before and after workouts, without waiting for thirst.

You certainly know that fruits and vegetables are a natural source of water, they also provide us the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Daily consumption of hot soups is a guarantee that we maintain our level of liquid in a healthy normal and provide ourselves warm. Coffee is also a source of the liquid, but large amounts of caffeine and coffee sugar lowers the efficiency of replenishing water in the body.

Undoubtedly, it is worth thinking about humidifiers, they will reduce the negative effects of dry air at night. They are especially useful for maintaining the health of children.

Understanding how vital water is to our body, it allows us to take important steps in the direction of increasing the consumption of fluids and maintain the body's health. We can help in the selection of the device suitable for you, to take care of yourself and loved ones. Just contact your personal consultant, to obtain the necessary information.

You can feel good regardless of the season !