Why do we drink the water?

The water we need is not just to quench their thirst banal. All metabolic processes in the human body take place with the participation of water. That water is delivered to every cell in our body nutrients, removes harmful toxins and even taking an active part in the process of thermoregulation.

If you do not know how much drinking water per day, and drink less daily allowance, can provoke a slowdown of the kidneys. After all, if the kidneys do not get to process a sufficient amount of fluid, they begin to work in slow motion. However, renal function should still be carried out, and their partially begins to perform liver. This leads to disruption of metabolic processes.

What is a violation of metabolic processes in simple language? It is a threat for the beauty and health. Overweight, problem hair and nails, skin peeling, and even headaches - these are the main features of the perceived human metabolic disorders in the body.

It seems like it is clear that water is vital for our body, but why, then, there are limitations about how much and when to drink fluids?

Why say that you can not drink a lot of water?

There are two main factors that are taken to invoke the justification that drinking plenty of water is harmful. The first factor - the swelling and kidney problems, and the second - the water leaching from the body of nutrients.

How much you need to drinkwater to kidney and did not suffer, and all the nutrients remain in the body? To begin with we shall understand with how dangerous is the excessive use of water, and if it does lead to unpleasant consequences.

Of course, you need to know the measure of everything. After all, if the drink a day for more than 6 liters of water, something really useful substances can be washed out from the body. But just imagine what 6 liters of water. If the average glass fit in 200 ml. liquid, it turns out that the "critical" the daily amount of water - 30 glasses. How much and when to drink as much fluid?

At the same time, the recommendations concerning the maximum possible amount of water consumed for people suffering from heart and renal disease should only give the physician.

As for the edema, the situation is much the same as the excess weight at the moment when you decide to lose weight very rapidly. The body is afraid that receives less food - get those extra kilos for the stock, the body was afraid the lack of liquid - liquid get in store in the form of edema. Yes, the body is not up to snuff. It responds quickly to changes, and therefore do not need to shock him a sharp reduction in the diet as the food and the water.

Wrong from the point of view of medicine is an approach and a reduction in the amount of liquid is used to lose weight

Thus, a sharp reduction in the amount of water consumed - not the best method of dealing with edema. Do not become permanent members of the faithful to combat swelling and diuretics. When abuse by such means as the time and you can face the problem of leaching of nutrients from the body. It is much more correct to establish your own daily drinking diet and stick to it consistently. Make it a snap.

Water: daily rate

The most important criterion for determining how much you need to drinkwater is the amount of water every day, our body loses in the process of life.

At first glance, it seems that he does not lose too much, and it happens only during urination and perspiration. But in fact, a certain amount of fluid is lost even during exhalation air. Calculate the amount of fluid levels for each individual process, we will not, but the total amount of water that your body loses during the day, give. It is an average of two and a half liters. Since compliance with the water balance in the body has not been canceled, the answer to the question of how much drinking water per day, is somewhere close to this figure.

It is clear that drinking every day is two and a half liters of water - is a complex task that requires care and calculations, and it would be ridiculous if the evening, missed one liter of water, we urgently drank five cups of tea. Therefore, let us say at once that these figures - only a guideline, rather than the exact amount of water to be consumed per day. Especially since there are factors that can change this figure.

For example, to slightly increase the number drunk per day of water can be, if you smoke. Also a more active drinking regime - a good solution during exercise at high ambient temperatures and low humidity. Some diseases are also a kind of indication for increasing the number drunk per day of water. It can be as colds, and diseases involving special reception medicaments that promote dehydration. In addition, it is recommended to increase the daily rate of water consumption in the case of overweight.

Reply to a question about how much drinking water per day will also help symptoms of a lack of fluid in the body. For example, to increase the number drunk per day of water is necessary, if the urine is not enough light. In addition, it is possible to conduct an experiment: to pinch yourself for the outside of the palm. If the skin is smoothed quickly, it means that you are drinking enough water, if not very fast - fluid intake should be increased.