drink water during fitness

Drink water during your workout, on the one hand, it is necessary, because of the biology course at the school, we know that people in the 75-80% of water and lack of water, ie, dehydration affects the body very negatively. That is why to monitor the water balance in the body is necessary.

If the active physical activity, body temperature begins to rise. To cool his or her body starts to produce sweat, which balances the temperature conditions inside the body. At the same time the blood begins to thicken, and the heart becomes very difficult to pass it through itself and distribute throughout the body. As a result, the heart gets a double load due to dehydration during sports.

We are engaged in sports in order to keep the figure in health and lose weight. But the lack of moisture in the body cool inhibits fat burning. Not too thick blood brings oxygen to the cells, and thus are not oxidized fat cells. But only when a sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood fat breakdown may occur.

Drink water during exercise is not only possible, but essential. Water helps the body recover after exercise, promotes the assimilation of proteins, amino acids enter muscle cells. Due to dehydration, the protein is poorly absorbed, and any excess removed from the body naturally. Therefore, if the goal is the gym for you - to build muscle, then without water, this process will be very slow. If you take extra creatine and protein supplements, the rate of water consumption per day grows to 1.5 liters (normal) to 3 liters.

There are some sports, drink water during exercise at which is still limited. In particular, this sport is run. This athletic sport excessive water consumption may reduce endurance. Also drink water during exercise is not recommended to athletes preparing for competitions and wanting to get rid of the fluid in the body, this is called "drying". But drink water during regular training is necessary.

Drink water during your workout - advices

  • Drinking cold water during exercise can not, there is the risk of ill. Given the hot body and the impact on it of cold water, cold can be very easy.
  • Drinking water should not gulps (even if you really want), and small, but quite often.
  • After each exercise, drink 2-3 sips of water at room temperature, so the water balance in the body will not be disturbed.
  • The fact that the drinking water during exercise need not mean that it is possible to drink in unlimited quantities. Just measure 2 liters a day - enough.
  • Instead of the usual mineral water as you can drink special cocktails, on their composition and the use of better ask the coach.

As you can see, to drink water during your workout, you can, if it does not apply to certain types of sport or special mode for sportsmen. Drinking water should be frequently and in small sips, as it is absorbed much better. But that's water intake during workouts liters lead to swelling and problems with the genitourinary system. Drink to your health!