water vending machine foto

One of the directions of the vending is the sale of purified water from automatic devices, it is also, in fact, the lowest cost, since the consumable ingredient is water, taken from any convenient source, down to the city water supply channel, and is cleaned directly through the potable water dispenser.

Cons of water vending business

Having such a business, you do not have to keep the staff of sellers, managers and other employees, without which it will simply become, the dispenser of drinking purified water will earn money for you, at what it will be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Without leave and sick leave. To do this, it is enough just to monitor its work, which at the moment can already be done via sms messages.

Vending - business is a matter of rapid turnover and the fixed capital invested in equipment has time to pay off many times before wear and tear. According to marketing research, the payback period of the machine is from 6 months, depending on the location, type of the automatic machine for selling drinking water and other factors, which we will talk about a little later. The term of real work of the machine is 10 years, that is, the machine will pay for itself at least 10 times.

Vending - business is absolutely legitimate business. Here all operations are carried out according to the current legislation, only certified goods, equipment and services are used in circulation. Also it is always a rapidly growing business in which new technologies of artificial intelligence are constantly used, fresh ideas, everything that can attract a buyer and create all conditions for the convenience of automated purchase of a service or product.

If you want to reach the heights in the business of selling purified drinking water, you must constantly develop your network, manage the sales process, monitor the profitability of points, find new places in which your product will be in demand, because everyone knows that each product has its own The buyer, and, of course, monitor the serviceability of machines.

It should be noted there is a profession "locator" - this is the person who selects the most suitable places for the installation of automatic devices, concludes the lease agreements, that is, sets you up professionally.

Also very often vending is a family business. The whole family can participate in its work. A typical practice of Western countries is a network of 20 to 200 machines, which are served by one family. Even manufacturers of vending machines advertise them as a good family business.

If you have already decided that you want to try yourself in this business, you need to do just a few steps:

  • Formation of private entrepreneurship for vending business;
  • Selection of equipment, depending on how much you are willing to invest initially. Devices that accept payment have a big impact on income levels. According to observations of specialists, it is established that the installation of a banknote + coin acceptor increases the profit by 30%.
  • The choice of accommodation points with the conclusion of a lease. The best location is the territory of a large crowd of people who are in static, and not in dynamics. Those. As the buyer is told at any time of the year and days, should go out and buy water in the "slippers".

Quality of vending water machine

In addition to all of the above, and as the basis - the personal qualities of the entrepreneur, an important factor in the success is a reliable machine. On the market there are different types of machines, from different manufacturers, and it is necessary to understand that the reliability of automatic machines, the warranty period for them, as well as the ability to repair in the event of failure of any nodes, is the second and very important factor of success.