melt water

Everyone knows that the water that comes to us from the taps is not pure. It contains a wide variety of harmful substances. It is especially great in the chlorine content. Trihalomethanes, which are formed by combination of chlorine with organic substances, may cause cancer, boiling chlorinated water leads to formation of dioxin, a dangerous poison. Dioxin provokes cancer, suppress the immune system, disrupts the body's systems.

There are many ways to purify water. The most popular ones - boiling and filtering. However, the water, after these purifications becomes more useful, it remains dead. Besides it is not always possible to completely clear the water from contamination by these methods.

But there is a more reliable and, oddly enough, less popular method of cleaning by which water is completely cleaned and, moreover, acquires medicinal properties. These properties can have a positive impact on the human body and even cure of diseases. About how important water is for human beings and all living things in the world, says a lot. But I want to note one detail: the fact that the water in our body has a special structure is not such as tap water. It does not contain heavy metals, radionuclides, and pathogenic bacteria. This melt water could not be more suitable for this formula.

Why is it useful to drink melted water?

The water received during defrosting does not contain harmful impurities, and its molecular structure is streamlined, making the kind of water source of energy.

Ever wonder why the people living in the mountains, have a high life expectancy? And if you think about? What kind of water they drink? The one that escapes from the mountain tops, that is, thawed. Do you think this is a coincidence? Unlikely. It is only natural that those who drink "living" water and he lives longer.

Another useful property of water is that it speeds up metabolism. This is due to the fact that the melt water molecules is significantly less than water. This allows them to more easily penetrate the skin cells. Molecules of different types of tap water, but their size does not allow them to participate in the process of metabolism.

Eating melt water, we help our body to fight the aging process and contribute to its rejuvenation. And all thanks to the metabolism. Cell regeneration in the body continuously. And with new cells age more slowly formed, as old keep them in it. Acceleration of metabolism, in turn, contributes to more rapid removal of dead cells from the body and, consequently, more rapid growth of new cells. This process has a positive effect on the immune system and all organs. speeding up the metabolism and promotes weight loss. The only rule is drink for those who want to lose weight - drink one glass melt water for half an hour before a meal and on an empty stomach in the morning. For weight loss is best to use svezherazmorozhennuyu water. It was at this time, it is most useful.

Other beneficial properties of melt water:

  • Meltwater lowers cholesterol levels in the blood;
  • It improves brain activity and improves performance;
  • It helps with recovery processes in the body;
  • It helps to cope with allergic and dermatologic diseases;
  • A beneficial effect on digestion;
  • It provides improvement of the cardiovascular system;
  • It strengthens the muscles;
  • Improves overall health;
  • Reduces fatigue, it stimulates the vital processes, increases the body's resistance to viral diseases;
  • Thanks to the energy charge, which carries the melt water, the person needs less food, it also reduced the duration of sleep;
  • At the use of melt water increases the effectiveness of drugs, the healing process is faster;
  • During fasting meltwater virtually neutralizes the feeling of hunger;
  • It helps to cope with migraines, colds, osteochondrosis, radiculitis;
  • Eliminates swelling of the face;

Melt water is recommended to use for people who suffer from headaches, hypertension, obesity. People with cardiovascular disease should drink a day 2-3 cups of melt water - in the morning an hour before a meal, and half an hour before each meal. In obesity and metabolic disorders dose can be increased. The minimum dose capable of providing an effect on human - thawed 5 g of water per 1 kg of weight.

Washing melt water rejuvenates the skin making it more fresh, smooth and supple. Wiping the skin with ice cubes improves blood circulation, which contributes to better supply the skin with oxygen.

Recommendations for use

The life-giving power of melted water is maintained for 5-7 hours after thawing. Therefore, an advance supply of water, you do not get. It is necessary to prepare it every day.

The required amount of therapeutic water each person sets for himself. Excessive use of its quantity or without desire, through force, not benefit, but on the contrary, will increase the burden on the heart and blood vessels.

Start drinking melt water from one cup a day. Drink it on an empty stomach half an hour before meals. So your body will gradually get used to the flow of healing water, and when he asks for more - give him more. It is believed that during the day you should drink up to two liters of melt water.

If you put the water to freeze at 6 pm, then to 7 am it freezes. Drink it during the day as defrost. Do not wait until the water is completely thawed. This is the most efficient. You can take the kind of water to work, freezing it in plastic bottles.

Soon after the daily use of melt water, you will feel a surge of strength and health, improving immunity. You will think better, you sleep for fewer hours.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of well-being!