You strive to give your family the best. From buying whole grains to teaching them to balance mind, body and spirit; it’s really about the complete package.

With all the water contaminants in the news, you’ve probably thought long and hard about filtering your drinking water, but what about the water you’re using to shower, shave, and wash your hands with every day? Harsh chemicals, contaminants and bacteria are scary even if you aren’t drinking them! Check out the top 5 places you didn’t realize needed filtering:

1. Shower

Whether you’re squeezing in a 5-minute shower before the baby wakes or taking time to relax after a workout, you need to be using clean water for showering. As you’re steaming in the suds, you’re breathing in the contents of that evaporating water. Chances are that includes contaminants like chlorine or other synthetic chemicals found in unfiltered municipal water.

You’re also absorbing those contaminants through your skin and hair. Did you know that the synthetic chemicals not removed by your municipally treated water can cause excessive damage and even drying? Softer hair and longer lasting color might be as simple as filtering your shower water.

2. Bath tub 

Much like the shower, tub time represents significant exposure to harsh chemicals and contaminants. While a long soak in the tub might be an infrequent luxury these days, if you’ve got kids and pets bathing you may want to consider protecting them from those synthetic chemicals we talked about. A shower filter can help with keeping your shower water uncontaminated, but only a Whole House system can filter every tap in your home.

3. Bathroom Sink 

Hygiene is a huge part of total health, and if you’re like us, you wash your hands A LOT. If the water you’re using still has traces of bacteria in it, you may not be getting your hands totally clean. Our systems reduce harmful contaminants including lead, mercury, pesticides and more.

4. Air (Evaporation) 

Whether from the hot shower or the steaming dishwasher, you’ve got water entering your air consistently, day after day. Filtering your water can improve the air quality in your home, removing more than 97% of chlorine from your water before it turns to steam.

5. Appliances 

Maybe you haven’t thought about the water your appliances are running on. Your refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine are constantly exposed to whatever’s in your water. When you filter that water, you get less corrosion and scale build-up preserving the life of your machine and improving its effectiveness.

Your water quality can even affect your clothes! Washing with cleaner water means brighter colors and less detergent. Saving you time and money.

Drinking water is a big priority, and adding Whole House filtration is another way to get healthy living right. Do your home a favor and get rid of the chemicals and bacteria lurking in your sink and shower, because clean water is about so much more than the kitchen tap.